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There is a lot of focus on pregnancy and birth. And rightfully so. But what happens when it's time to take baby home? This course is designed to shed some insight on the experience of the first few weeks of parenthood. There's the basics like breastfeeding and sleep. But also things like managing visitors, the whirlwind of hormones, adjusting to no sleep, and the miraculous transformation of mama's body (and brain) after delivery. Plus a look at what kind of resources are available to help make this transition into parenthood a little easier.

Vagina Warrior

A (Sex)-Life Changing Workout for Your Lady-Bits. It is a six-week online course designed to build pelvic floor strength to increased vaginal tone and pleasure

Baby-Proof your Relationship

Most of us imagine that having a baby will automatically strengthen our relationship.

And it may, eventually! BUT let me tell you what most of your friends and family won't:

New parents are often surprised by the extent to which a new baby can shake the foundation of even the most connected relationships. Successful, in-love, and financially stable couples struggle too!  And this can cause longstanding resentments, which couples are not prepared for.

In this Practical Online Course, Learn the 3 Key Tasks for Strengthening Your Relationship:

  1. Sharpen Your Relationship Savvy

  2. Deepen Your Conversations

  3. Create a Seemless Post-partum Plan

Why looking out for you is crucial to your baby

Who would have thought that investing in yourself means investing in your baby? When your needs are met and your batteries are charged up, you are able to parent from a better place. In this course we explore what self care actually is (not just bubble baths), why it is so damn important, and how to incorporate a realistic self-care practice into your day-to-day busy lives.


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