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If you're here looking for parenting advice, school lunch ideas, or creative crafts this is NOT the right place. The Parent Experience is a place for you. Yes, you. Probably forgot about you, didn't you? 

Online courses, podcasts, services and blog posts, shed light on the realities of parent life-- things like changes in your relationships, work, taking care of yourself, and figuring out who you are now. Part of this is preparation for what lies ahead, part is feeling connected and not alone on this crazy adventure. But most importantly, The Parent Experience is a source for tips, tools and strategies to help you thrive in your new life as a parent. 

A note from the Founder

Marina Lohse, B.A. Hons, PPC


IG: @marina.lohse

Life as a parent is not what I envisioned. Given my background working with children, plus my training on child development, my degree in Psychology and my work as a Positive Psychology Coach-- plus the endless parenting books/blogs I read--I thought I was prepared. 

But I had no idea how much all the other aspects of my life would be effected: my priorities around work, sleep, my relationships, my identity and sense of self, the intensity of emotions, my standards for a clean house, my health, my expectations of my children's behaviour, my weekends. It all changed. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. 

The more I talk to people, the more I discover that my experience is pretty typical. Obviously everybody's situation is unique but these common themes continue to pop up. And I couldn't help wonder, why aren't we talking about this more? Why are parents quietly sitting in shame thinking there is something wrong with them when actually their experience is normal? Why is support for parents totally lacking, unless it's about parenting? If parents are in a good space because they've taken some time to care for themselves too, wouldn't the whole parenting thing be easier?

I created The Parent Experience as a place for parents to see the realities of parent life. To know they're not alone, and to drop the shame. To access services, information, and tools when they need some support. The Parent Experience exists for YOU. Because taking care of your children absorbs everything you've got, and if you're not taking care of you first, you'll have nothing left to give. So do your kids a favour, and do something for you.




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